The future of technology is, in many ways, a digital space race.


Interconnect plays a vital role in today’s digital infrastructure, ensuring secure, low latency, and efficient data transfer for carriers, hyperscalers, CDNs, enterprise companies, educational institutions and other entities. Essential for everything from local to global connections, public internet access, and cloud integrations, interconnect is the backbone that enables businesses to scale and meet the growing demand for digital services.

Today, several factors are driving a step change in connectivity needs.

Overall Bandwidth Demand

24% annual growth in U.S. data traffic between 2022-2026.

The Demand for End-to-End Experience

AI/AR/VR, mobile cloud gaming, mission-critical IoT, and emerging latency-sensitive applications.

Small Market Needs

29% surge in annual data growth through 2025. This surge in data demand poses bold challenges in connectivity and interconnect for both providers and customers.

CENTRA is positioned to solve these challenges.

Solving for today’s challenges

Modern Connectivity

CENTRA offers purpose-built interconnection data centers that meet modern design standards to complement carrier hotels with new interconnect capacity. We are strategically located to facilitate interconnection in underserved markets and our advanced data centers enhance accessibility, support expanded capacity, and are ideally positioned to streamline operations.

Accelerate Digital Delivery

With CENTRA, rapidly scale your digital offerings and enhance end-user experiences by deploying services closer to customers. We provide solutions to efficiently manage growing demands, penetrate new markets, and significantly reduce data transport costs.


The challenges of aging interconnect facilities have created a significant opportunity in major U.S. population centers for modern, neutral interconnection.
CENTRA is seizing this opportunity by developing new interconnect facilities and connection hubs in underserved and high-demand areas. This strategic expansion not only supports the growth of digital services but also addresses market gaps in digital infrastructure previously overlooked.

We’re serious about ESG

Thankfully being a good global citizen is also smart business. CENTRA takes a deliberate, honest approach about the impact we have on the environment, our employees and our communities. By integrating ESG into critical areas across many aspects of our business, and embracing corporate responsibility, we strive to create deep impact for our business and our partners.

Ways we’ll continue to grow in this space: elevate efficiency, reduce waste, build responsibly and demonstrate our commitment.

Interconnect Partners We Serve

Telecom Carriers

Carriers benefit significantly from CENTRA’s local interconnect solutions. By facilitating both private and public peering through our modern Internet Exchanges (IXs), we enable efficient traffic management across networks. This localized approach not only enhances the customer experience by reducing latency, but also minimizes reliance on existing interconnect hubs, mitigating potential choke points. CENTRA empowers carriers to deliver superior service quality.

CSP Hyperscalers

Cloud hyperscalers like AWS, Azure, Google Cloud Platform, and Oracle demand dedicated, secure environments for their servers and equipment to enable customer on-ramp to the cloud. These cloud service providers (CSPs) value partners with proximity to their facilities and reliable fiber connectivity to their services. As they expand their digital infrastructure, hyperscalers are continuously in search of reliable interconnect partners like CENTRA, who can meet their stringent requirements and support their growth.

Internet Hyperscalers

Internet hyperscalers such as Meta, Apple, YouTube, and TikTok, along with CDNs like Cloudflare and Akamai, prioritize customer proximity to enhance their user experience. With pressure to deliver consistent, high-quality mobile and home experiences, CENTRA’s local interconnect services help Internet hyperscalers accelerate revenues while reducing transport costs associated with fetching content from distant locations. The strategic placement of their digital infrastructure with partners like CENTRA thus delivers dual financial benefits—boosting both top and bottom lines.

Artificial Intelligence

AI stands out among today’s technological advancements, not just for its hype but for its substantial growth potential. As AI becomes integral to consumer and enterprise applications, the demand for interconnect services will surge, driven by the intensive CPU, GPU, and TPU requirements needed to support and enable robust AI services.


Other beneficiaries abound in this interconnect ecosystem. Enterprises moving workloads to the cloud capture the benefit of local and lower cloud on-ramp costs by eliminating long-haul transport. 5G, private networks, and smart cities applications, where much of the processing occurs locally, capture experience and cost advantages from incremental interconnect presence.

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